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What You Need to Do!

We have created this client portal to secure all your passwords and any of your branding or marketing materials we need to get started on your Social Media Marketing Campaign.

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Step 1 - Accept the Portal Invite

You should have received an invite to the client portal via email after you signed up for one of our Social Media Marketing Plans.

Step 2 - Edit Your Company details

Now is time for you to enter all your client information you need or want us to have in order to manage your Social Media Profiles or any other Marketing services we are performing for you. 

Files & Support Materials

Now We Need Your Source Files for Creative

Please upload all your files to the client portal so we have access to your marketing materials to keep your brand consistent. 

Or you can insert your file folder links via Dropbox or Google Docs

to your profile as well.

Any Questions please contact us!

Step 3 - Get to Know the Client Portal

Video on How to Get Around The Client Portal

More Cools Things to Do On The Portal!

You Are Now Ready to Get Started!

Enter the Client Portal!