Social Media Paid Ads

Video Ads are Created by Our Parent Company!

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How it Works!

$250 to set up your Facebook Ads this includes:

  • creating your targeted audience

  • adding a retargeting pixel to your website

  • creating 3 ads for your FB campaign

  • Branding Ads or Call To Action Ads!


After the first month, we only collect 20% above your Facebook Ad Spend to keep the ads refreshed and to tweak your campaign to adjust for optimal performance. ($25 Min)


Example: if you spend $200 we get $40 to manage your ads that month.

Still Not Sure Book a time to chat with us to help you decide!


$60 a Month Minimum to Create Growth Ads:

  • Includes creating your targeted audience

  • Creating 1 ad for your FB Branding campaign

  • Our Fee already included in this campaign

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Results for your paid ads will vary and there is no guarantee of any specific results. We have over 30 years of experience running business advertising and the best results are generated if a business is consistent with its advertising campaign.  

Sample Videos


Hashtag Socialbuzz is awesome they are so friendly and they go out of their way to work with me and help me understand social media so it is effective for our small business.


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